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“Harmonika Fest” is the first International Music Festival for Accordion in Montenegro. It was founded in 2010 in Cetinje, where it was held until 2014. Since then the festival hosts all participants and audience in beautiful Adriatc town Tivat. "Harmonika Fest" is a professional manifestation that affirms accordionists of all profiles and cherishes artistic playing on accordion. The festival is organized by the NGO "Harmonika Montenegrina" from Podgorica.

The festival featured the most eminent artists in the field of classical accordion: Juri Siskin, Sergey Osokin, Renzo Ruggieri, Pavel Fenjuk, Vladimir Murza, Petar Maric, Nikola Pekovic, Semionov Smeljkov, Roman Zbanov, Dominik Emorin and many others. Also, at the festival segment night concerts performed the prominent world artists, such as Stjepan Hauser, one of the most successful violoncellists of today. He held a concert at the festival in 2010.

An important part of the festival are the Master classes which are held for pupils of lower and middle music schools, as well as students from the Music academy, accordion department. Lecturers at the workshops are eminent professors who work at the most prestigious Music Academies in Europe and the world.

Since 2014, we have included a new segment in the festival- International Competition in disciplines: accordion solo, chamber music and orchestras. This is also the first international competition for classical accordion in Montenegro.

The exchange of knowledge, practice and experience as well as meeting local and global tendencies in contemporary concert and pedagogical practice for accordion is the primary goal of this project. Unlike many Western European countries where the accordion experiences a true expansion, in our territory, its treatment is unfairly neglected in relation to some other instruments with a greater musical tradition. Accordingly, this project will present the most important musical, technical and technological potentials of the modern accordion in all music genres by bringing the most famous artists from the world of accordion. In this way we will undoubtedly contribute to a better presentation of the instrument.

Our goal is to promote classical music on the accordion and the great cultural, educational and psychosocial significance of the festival forms the foundation that our ideas become real.


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